Video is where your customers are spending their time.  Do you know who the 2nd largest search engine is behind Google with over 4 billion daily views?  I’m guessing you didn’t say youtube but it’s not as surprising as you may think considering 55% of people watch videos every day and four out of five watch videos every week.  You may not think of youtube as a search engine at all, but owned by Google, you better believe there are many benefits & opportunities it offers to target your customers.  We optimize our videos on your website, social media, youtube & more to make your video easily searchable on any device.  We also make sure your video is easily shared around the web.

Although there are advantages to having a large budget for video advertising, we focus more on the creative ways to engage your audience with advanced targeting to keep costs to a minimum.  If you are skeptical of the benefits video advertising can bring, think of the following scenarios…

  • Imagine walking up to a stranger or even calling a potential customer to describe what you can do or offer them while trying to keep their attention for 2 minutes.
  • Now imagine a potential customer either at work, home, even on vacation, browsing videos on their computer or phone when your video pops up specifically because of what your potential customer is searching for, their behavior on the site or because we targeted that specific demographic.

Ask yourself honestly which scenario has the highest potential of informing your customer in a way they trust & accept.  The simple fact that 3 out of 5 people will spend at least 2 minutes watching a video about a product they wish to buy provides the answer for us.

Video also provides real-time feedback & interaction with your customers through comments which we use to fine tune future advertisements as well as provide valuable insight about how customers view your company.  We provide analytics for all of our video ad campaigns that detail how long people watch your video as well as there behavior before, during & after watching your video.  Unlike TV ads that you have to pay per play, our video ads last the life of your campaign and can start & stop around your needs.

TV commercials are at a huge disadvantage in the way they are able to target as well as the fact that even if the message is delivered in a positive way, customers still have to go to a store, computer or phone to order the product.  Our video ad campaigns put your customers a click away from purchasing your products or services.

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