E-Commerce is most simply described as any transaction that involves the transmission of data over the internet.  There are tremendous advantages to offering your products & service online vs standard brick & mortar locations.  When you partner with Wise for your e-commerce website, very little capital is needed in comparison to your actual business premises.  With a physical location, you need to consider location, foot traffic & square footage as well as operating costs.  Utilities, rent & personnel costs add up quickly whereas, with your e-commerce site, rent & utilities are a non factor and personnel costs can be kept to a minimum by automating payments & delivery along with the entire operations process.

Your E-Commerce website also will increase your customer base by allowing you to convert sales nationwide & even worldwide if you wish to expand globally.  This is physically impossible out of a retail location due to geographical limitations.

All of our e-commerce solutions are optimized for maximum search engine visibility as well as social media integration to further increase your reach at minimal cost.

The advantages above are probably enough but we can’t forget the amazing advantages of speed & convenience for your customers as well as your business.  Customers can purchase from you from the convenience of their home, office or mobile phone. Benefits to your business include the ability to sell & display your products & services to your exact specifications 24/7.  An e-commerce website is more consistent than your traditional sales staff as it is easier to control how your messages are being conveyed for a much lower overall cost.

With Wise as your partner, you get to focus your efforts on products & services that satisfy your customers needs while we focus on getting them in front of your target audience at minimal expense.

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